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Brian Lubars · Boulder, CO · United States

Human-centered ML & computational social science. I eat bagels and occasionally emit code.

Latest Project & Blog Posts

  • Encrypted Blog Posts

    Using good ol' PGP to make password-protected posts on gh-pages.

  • AI Task Delegability

    How appropriate are different tasks for machines? A human-centered approach. [arXiv:1902.03245].

  • Novel Nets

    Network analysis of books: code generalized, cleaned, and released.

  • Infinite Jest Nets

    Analyzing David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest as a character-interaction network.

  • InfoVis using D3: Mozilla Dataset

    An interactive visualization of data from Mozilla's 2017 Internet Future of Connectivity Survey.

  • Using unsupervised learning to recognize common types of student mistakes and misconceptions in grade school-level math problems.